Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wow, it's been such a long time, I forgot that this blog was still up and running.
So we begin another year, albeit academic!

Having just returned from holiday, realising that that was year 22 at the same holiday destination.  My nephew who joined us in the second week, was born the year after we began going.  What began as "Let's just try it out, we haven't got anywhere else in mind" has become a pilgrimage in a way.
The dynamics of the story, though, are a reflection on life's journeys.  Some who began the journey as the visionaries, the leaders, the driving force, are now learning to facilitate, to watch, to allow, while others who began as recipients of treasured space, are now having to take on the role of setting the scene.  All the while we intertwine in and out of each other's stories, take on new roles, relinquish old ones, face up to our limitations and seek to be an expression of the family of God in microchosm.